Did You Know?

We've been serving the aviation community in Guam since 2001. We know the island and the region, and we can help you enjoy your visit and get on your way smoothly!

Why Schedule a Stop in Guam?

It’s the quickest, and most efficient tech stop between Southeast Asia and the US mainland.

Do your CIQ  away from the busy mainland airports.  Have your aircraft catered and serviced by our experienced, professional staff in our 50,000 sq ft. (4,650 sq m) of hangar space.

Enjoy our spacious conference rooms, crew briefing rooms, full laundry facilities and showers.

Guam offers many catering options, and we have deep freezers and refrigerators available for storage of your catering orders.

Best of all, enjoy Guam while we do all the work!

Jet fuel available