Available Amenities –

We can make virtually any business or logistics arrangements you need.

  • Virtual offices

  • Large conference room – seats 12

  • Pilot planning room

  • Crew briefing rooms

  • Shower facilities

  • Full laundry facilities

  • Catering delivery

  • Deep  freezers and refrigerators for storage of catering

  • Crew and passenger hotel arrangements

  • Crew and passenger ground transportation

Introducing – Convenient Physical and Virtual Offices and Hangar Space Locations in Guam!

Passengers and crew find our facilities are a great place to unwind, get some work done, and plan your next flight or you next adventure as you enjoy your stay in Guam.

Do your laundry, arrange for ground transportation or hotel, pick up your catering order, or just relax as your passengers and/or baggage clear customs or CIQ.

Even if you don’t need any space at all, and just need a street address and a place to pick up your mail, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know?

We also have office space with 10 GB fiber optic internet available for long or short-term lease.
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